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 _____         _     _             _    ____   ____ ___ ___      _         _   
|_   _|____  _| |_  | |_ ___      / \  / ___| / ___|_ _|_ _|    / \   _ __| |_ 
  | |/ _ \ \/ / __| | __/ _ \    / _ \ \___ \| |    | | | |    / _ \ | '__| __|
  | |  __/>  <| |_  | || (_) |  / ___ \ ___) | |___ | | | |   / ___ \| |  | |_ 
  |_|\___/_/\_\\__|  \__\___/  /_/   \_\____/ \____|___|___| /_/   \_\_|   \__|
Welcome to our

Text to ASCII Art

tool. Transform your text into art with our advanced ASCII generator and maker. Effortlessly create banners, signatures, and a myriad of custom ASCII designs. Choose from over 270 fonts and various layouts for unique text art creations. Ideal for both professional projects and personal fun, our platform makes ASCII conversion simple and engaging.


Features of Text to ASCII Art

  • More Than 270 Fonts Available: Choose from an extensive selection of over 270 fonts to find the perfect style for your ASCII art. Whether you're going for a vintage or modern look, there's something for everyone.
  • Versatile Layout Options: Select your preferred layout for both the horizontal and vertical dimensions. Choose from four options: full, fitted, universal smushing, or controlled smushing, to get the exact spacing and arrangement you desire.
  • Character Limit Control: Define the maximum width for your ASCII art in characters. This allows you to easily fit your creation into specific spaces, whether it's a chat box or a webpage.
  • 38 Unique Border Designs: Add an extra layer of sophistication to your ASCII art with 38 distinct border designs. You can also customize the border with vertical and horizontal padding for the perfect framing.
  • 14 Different Comment Style: With 14 unique commenting styles, you can easily integrate your ASCII art into different programming languages or markup formats. This makes your art versatile and multi-functional.
  • What You See Is What You Get: The font and size you select will be consistent across both the preview and the exported image. No surprises—just a seamless user experience.
  • Smart Formatting: Utilize the whitespace break feature to insert line breaks at spaces. This ensures a cleaner, more readable ASCII layout, particularly for text-heavy designs.
  • Trim Whitespace: The tool trims unnecessary whitespace around your ASCII art, making it cleaner and more visually appealing—ideal for embedding in documents or web pages.
  • Customize Empty Spaces: You can opt to fill the empty spaces in your ASCII art with any character of your choice. This can add a creative flair to your project.
  • Multiple Export Options: Once you've created your masterpiece, easily copy it to your clipboard for instant sharing. Alternatively, save your work as a text file (TXT) or various image formats (PNG, GIF, JPG) for future use.

Acknowledgments and credits

This tool is powered by FIGlet technology for text transformation and uses the figlet.js library for JavaScript. We acknowledge and thank the developers of these projects, which are licensed under the MIT License. A special thank you also goes out to all the talented artists and designers who have created the diverse range of fonts that this tool offers.

Additionally, it's important to note that the Text to ASCII Art tool is entirely developed by our team. We've built it from the ground up, using JavaScript and Bootstrap for a robust and responsive design. This tool is independent of any external code libraries, apart from those already mentioned. Our focus has been on creating a reliable, user-friendly experience, and we're proud of the result. We hope you find it as useful and enjoyable as we do.