Use our free online ASCII art tool to easily and quickly convert images to ASCII art.
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|_ _|_ __ ___   __ _  __ _  ___  | |_ ___      / \  / ___| / ___|_ _|_ _|    / \   _ __| |_ 
 | || '_ ` _ \ / _` |/ _` |/ _ \ | __/ _ \    / _ \ \___ \| |    | | | |    / _ \ | '__| __|
 | || | | | | | (_| | (_| |  __/ | || (_) |  / ___ \ ___) | |___ | | | |   / ___ \| |  | |_ 
|___|_| |_| |_|\__,_|\__, |\___|  \__\___/  /_/   \_\____/ \____|___|___| /_/   \_\_|   \__|
Welcome to our

Image to ASCII Art

page, your go-to destination for turning images into stunning ASCII art creations. Utilize our free online ASCII art generator to easily and quickly convert your photos into text-based art. Ideal for artists, hobbyists, or anyone looking to explore a new form of digital expression. Get started now and bring your images to life in a whole new way!
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User Settings Guide

This guide serves as a roadmap to the extensive customization options available in our Image to ASCII Art tool. Designed with both functionality and user experience in mind, the tool offers a range of settings that span basic image adjustments to advanced ASCII art configurations. Whether you're looking to fine-tune brightness and contrast or delve into advanced features like thresholding and edge detection, this tool provides the granular control you need. Read on to understand how each setting can be manipulated to achieve your desired artistic outcome.

Basic Image Settings:

  • Characters: This setting controls the number of characters used in your ASCII art. A higher number will result in more detail.
  • Brightness: Use this slider to adjust the brightness of your image, making it either lighter or darker.
  • Contrast: This setting enhances or reduces the contrast between the light and dark areas of your image.
  • Saturation: Control the color intensity with this setting. A higher percentage will make the colors more vibrant.
  • Hue: Change the overall color tint of your image by adjusting the hue angle.

Advanced Image Settings:

  • Thresholding: This setting defines the threshold for what is considered light or dark, helping to enhance the image's outline.
  • Sharpness: Use this to adjust the sharpness of your image, making it either crisper or softer.
  • Edge Detection: This feature highlights the edges within your image, making the details more prominent.

ASCII Customization:

  • ASCII Gradient: Choose from different gradient styles to change how the ASCII characters appear.
  • Space Density: This setting controls the density of spaces between ASCII characters, allowing for different styles.
  • Quality Enhancements: Select from additional settings to improve the overall quality of your ASCII art.
  • Transparent Frame: Add a transparent frame to your ASCII art to enhance its presentation.


  • Copy to Clipboard: Click this button to copy your ASCII art to the clipboard, making it easy to share.
  • Save as PNG: Use this option to save your ASCII art as a PNG image file.
  • Save as ASCII Art: This allows you to save your ASCII art as a text file, which you can edit later.
  • Reset Filter: If you wish to start over, click this button to reset all settings to their default values.
Feel free to explore these features to create your own unique ASCII art!

Acknowledgments and credits

For our "Image to ASCII Art" tool, we extend our thanks to the developers of ClipboardJS for their outstanding library, which greatly enhances the functionality of our tool. This project, like our others, is built with a combination of JavaScript and Bootstrap, ensuring a high-quality, user-focused experience. We've carefully developed this tool without relying on external code libraries beyond what's mentioned, focusing on innovative and practical solutions. Our team takes pride in offering tools that are both sophisticated and easy to use, and we hope you find this one to be a valuable asset in your creative toolkit.